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The Conference

The Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Hellenic Institute of Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Development (IEA), organized successfully the strategic conference “Diligently, Making Business 2015”.

The Conference took place on Tuesday, May 19, 2015 at the “ERMIS” room, ACCI (6th floor) and was organized with the scientific support of the Centre for Progressive Policy Research. It was also organized under the auspices of the Union of Hellenic Chambers and in association with Boussias Communications and Symeon G Tsomokos SA.

Ministers and representatives of the political scenery, of institutional Bodies and of the major business Groups of Greece have been invited to honor the Conference with their presence.

Scope of the Conference

The Chambers-members of the Union of Hellenic Chambers aim at reinforcing their institutional role, as Consultants and regulators of growth and development in the area of commerce, industry and services. In parallel, they continue to operate as a unified body of supporting institutional infrastructure, innovating and listing the priorities of the market forces. More specifically, the Union of Hellenic Chambers undertakes numerous interventions to the political leadership for all State legislations related to its activities. The forwarding of these interventions to the relevant people and service offices, together with the simultaneous registration of the priorities of the whole market forces at the right time, contributes to the creation of a climate of cooperation, mutual trust and successful information of the business world.

Topics of the Conference

The topics of the Conference derived from the need of promoting the new forms of entrepreneurship, sustainable development, as well as the role of the Chambers of Commerce and the broader Regional Administration, as a lever of development of the Greek Economy. The topics included:

  1. Innovation, research, new technologies & entrepreneurship in big and middle sized companies. Innovation introduces alternative ways of product planning, while it creates differentiated needs to consumers, it changes the production style, reversing processes and putting digital technology to the center of all commercial activities (service providers, food industry, textile industry etc).
    The institution of “the entrepreneurial Angels”.
    Research, on the other side leads to the increase of competitiveness of the greek enterprises and the empowerment of their export activity, with a dominant extrovert orientation (pharmaceuticals, software and high tech companies).
  2. Primary sector, development and extroversion as a business activity of the region. The dynamic clusters and the cooperation of the local forces – aiming at viability – as well as the twist to primary production with innovative characteristics, presupposes the long term commitment of entrepreneurs for the achievement of growth targets. and their contribution to the alteration of the scenery; or the development of alternative tourism products as primary factor of reinforcing the employment rate of the Region. The shift to exports as a planning strategy for companies and as a means of coping with the reduction of domestic purchasing power.
  3. Investing in Infrastructure – the new map of Telecommunications and the Energy adequacy of the whole region. Infrastructure, new technologies and affordable energy coverage as main factors of implementing business growth targets.
  4. Labor and financial parameters for viable growth. Human resources to the service of Growth. The removal of a significant number of personnel from companies urges the manpower’s re-training as a prerequisite for becoming a part of the new economic scenery, which is under formation and it is driven by entrepreneurship and innovation. The avoidance of brain-drain, the utilization of the female workforce, the undertaking of measures in order to reinforce the insurance and the financial adequacy lead to viable investments, to upward trend of the index of export activities and to the increase in working positions.
  5. Financing by the banks and alternative financing as a lever for the greek companies to acquire a competitive edge and as a means of reinforcing greek export activity by prevailing extrovercy.

Who participated

The Conference was addressed to representatives of the market, top executives of large Greek business Groups, senior diplomats of the EU countries, the East Mediterranean and of countries where entrepreneurial interest by Greek investors exist, institutional, government and political representatives, members of the Chambers and businessmen with innovative ideas.

The Speakers

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The Location

The conference took place in ERMIS hall of ACCI, Akadimias st. 7-9 in Athens, Greece.

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